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lunes, 25 de junio de 2007


Taday is Monday and i'm going to post in English like I promised last week. There are a lots of thing to explain however I'm going to explain my Weekend in my fotolog.

We are going to ashore on internet and more exactly on youtube videos. There are a lot to see and spend several hours every day looking at it on condition to not do several thinks like sleep, eat or take a bath ^^

If you look at it, you will find all kind of videos. Nevertheless I fix my post speaking about the comercial ads. All the media are using youtube like an enviroment to show their ads. Other shows her projects and do fortune. They spend a few dollars or euros. It doesn't matter the coin jeje. They get a lot popularity and earn lots of money. Fot instance look at the next video:

This video has 3780223 visits. it's and ad about a blender. There exist and oficial web where you can't see a lot of videos of this machine destroying all kind of materials. Only tell you that I spend one hour looking at the videos a few minutes ago ^^

On the other hand you can find another kind of videos that don't earn money but like to other people are very popular and had lots of visits. Take a look at at.

It has 370708 visits and explain the reality of the young people to adquire a house.

Since google buy youtube I see this page more comercial amb more censured. It's normal. it's a U.S page.

Well see you next day.

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

very cool video...
the blended machine XD...I Pod destroy, jajja..
Your english is fantastic, because my english is a potatoe..^^
well, i go to sleep, because tomorrow i have many works to do...
See you pedro!!!
kisses from an witch girl...

XGargoyle dijo...

The only way to improve english is by practising it on a regular basis.
Just doing it once a week isn't enough. However, it's better than none at all...

My best advice: add english contacts to your Messenger and speak to them regularly or go to english based IRC chatrooms.

You need to exercise your brain in coming up with english words in real time. Writing an english post/message in a blog or discussion forum don't really provide much knowledge as you are probably taking your time to check words in a dictionary, think on a sentence structure, type it, delete it and change it afterwards, re-read your writing and then applying some changes.

Oh, and by the way, try to directly express yourself in english. Do not "think" in spanish and then make a translation. That doesn't work at all. It is far better to have simple sentences in perfect english than far-fetched ones which are rather difficult to understand. Keep it simple. One verb = one sentence.

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